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Past Courses and Undergraduate Teaching:

Graduate Courses:

MBI 297 - "Tyrosine Kinases in Physiology and Diseases"

Registration:Bo Tendis ext 5-1018
Course Co-Chairs:Tim Lane (Biological Chemistry), Luisa Iruela-Arispe (MCDB)

This is a literature survey course for First year Graduate Students enrolled in UCLA's Access Program. Students read and present critical recent papers in this evolving field.

Medical School Courses:

M&MB 2001 - "Molecular and Membrane Biology"

Registration:Pat Anaya ext 5-2866
Course Co-Chairs:Judith Gasson (Biological Chemistry), Ernest Wright (Physiology)

Dr. Lane delivers 8 lectures on the components, synthesis, structure, and regulation of DNA, RNA and protein within cells.

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