Fast ChIP Method

After incubation with protein A beads
Wash 2x 5 minutes in 0.5ml 500mM Lysis Buffer
Wash 5 minutes in 0.5ml deoxycholate wash buffer
Rinse in 0.5ml 140mM Lysis Buffer
Remove buffer
Add 100ul 10% Chelex (in dH2O) to both IP and input tubes
10 min at 100C
Cool to RT
Add ProK (100ug/ml) (1.2ul of stock per tube)
55C (30+ min), shaking
10 min 100C
Centrifuge, collect sup.
Wash beads with 100ul H20 -> spin -> collect sup (add to 1)
Spin combined sups through filter unit to remove residual beads
Dilute input 1:200
Use 3ul in PCR