Photographing western blots on Gel Imager

The gel imager in the middle room can be used to photograph western blots instead of using film.

  1. Do western as you normally would, and treat with ECL reagent.
  2. Place a piece of saran wrap (to protect your blot) onto the light box in the gel imager.
  3. Place your blot on the saran wrap.
  4. Make sure the camera is turned on, and start the imaging software.
  5. Click the "Aquire" button.
  6. Turn on the reflective white light, and focus/zoom so that the blot is centered and in focus.
  7. Shut the door and turn off the white light.
  8. Change the filter from "EtBr" to "Chemiluminescence" (Make sure to change it back to "EtBr" when you are done).
  9. Click the button that says Medium/Medium for sensitivity vs. resolution (you can increase the sensitivity at the cost of resolution if you have a faint blot).
  10. Click the checkbox "Chemi Display".
  11. Select the exposure time (30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on your blot. This camera is a little bit less sensitive than normal film, so it takes a bit longer).
  12. Click "Aquire" and wait.
  13. Save or print your image.

You can also take a picture of the blot under reflective white light as long as the sensitivity/resolution setting and the zoom are unchanged and the blot has not been moved. Then the two images can be superimposed on top of one another in photoshop.