Genomewide binding map of the histone deacetylase Rpd3 in yeast

Siavash K. Kurdistani, Daniel Robyr, Saeed Tavazoie & Michael Grunstein

Nature Genetics Volume 31 July 2002

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Supplemental Figures

Web Figure A.  Chromosomal display of intergenic regions bound by a, Rpd3, b, Ume1, c, Ume6. Left (L) and right (R) chromosome arms are represented from their respective telomere end to the centromere (yellow circle). Each intergenic region is illustrated by a rectangle and colored red if enriched greater than or equal to 2 fold for Rpd3, 1.7 fold for Ume1, and 1.35 fold for Ume6. Note that chromosomes are not to scale since ORFs were omitted and intergenic regions were arbitrarily given the same width for clarity.


Supplemental Data

Rpd3 intergenic region binding

Rpd3 coding region (ORF) binding

Ume1 intergenic binding

Ume6 intergenic binding

Intergenic region coordinates

The 34 significant DNA sequence motifs found among the Rpd3, Ume1 and Ume6 target genes.