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We are a research laboratory in the Department of Biological Chemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles, and are a part of the larger Gene Regulation Group and Broad Stem Cell Center at UCLA. Our main interest is to understand how, during development, cells progress from an undifferentiated state with broad cell fate potential to a committed, differentiated state with restricted developmental potential.


The lab is particularly interested in understanding how developmental cues induce changes in chromatin structure and we study the epigenetic changes that occur during differentiation of pluripotent cells or reprogramming to pluripotency. To address these questions, we are using a combination of embryonic stem cell and induced pluripotent stem cell model systems, epiflourescence and confocal microscopy, Biochemistry of interactors for non-coding RNAs, High throughput RNA interference screens, genome-wide DNA next generation sequencing including RNA-seq, CHiP-seq, 4C-Seq and Bisulfite-seq, and mouse transgenesis.


The chromatin-regulatory processes we study are also often deregulated in diseases. Therefore, an important extension of our work on epigenetic regulation of gene expression during development is to analyze the contribution of chromatin-based mechanisms to disease states.


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We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic postdocs, graduate students (from the UCLA ACCESS, STAR and MD/PhD programs), and undergraduates.
Please contact Kathrin by email if you are interested in joining the lab.

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UCLA School of Medicine
Department of Biological Chemistry
615 Charles E. Young Drive South
lab: BSRB 354
office: BSRB 390D
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Phone (lab): 310-267-0087
Phone (office): 310-206-8688

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