Gabriel Travis published in Nature Chemical Biology

Gabriel Travis published "Identifcation of DES1 as a vitamin A isomerase in Müller glial cells of the retina" in Nature Chemical Biology.


Michael Carey is featured in UCLA Today

Michael Carey is featured in UCLA Today, having been selected as the author of one of the best articles published in 2012 in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Dr. Carey’s article focuses on the development of organisms from fruit flies to man. This development relies on specific genes being turned on and off in a cell-specific, regulated manner. The editors selected 22 papers out of more than 4,000 published last year! Dr. Carey's paper represents the Genomics and Proteomics affinity group.

Reid Johnson publishes "The site-specific integration reaction of Listeria phage A118 integrase, a serine recombinase" in Mobile DNA.

Alison Frand publishes paper in BMC Microbiology

Alison Frand publishes "Delayed accumulation of intestinal coliform bacteria enhances life span and stress resistance in Caenorhabditis elegans fed respiratory deficient E. coli." in BMC Microbiology

Kathrin Plath publishes paper in Cell Biology

Kathrin Plath published "Pluripotency in 3D: genome organization in pluripotent cells" in Current Opinion in Cell Biology.

Congratulations to Mike Carey for best of 2012 papers!

Michael Carey's Journal of Biological Chemistry paper, “Polycomb Repressive Complex 1 (PRC1) Disassembles RNA Polymerase II Preinitiation Complexes,” was designated as one of the best papers published by the journal in 2012. Out of 22 papers, from over 4,000, were selected to receive this special designation. The Best of 2012 papers is freely accessible. Congratulations Dr. Carey!

Utpal Banerjee publishes paper in Cell Cycle

Utpal Banerjee publishes "Oncogenic pathway utilizes mitochondial fusion machinery to support growth" in Cell Cycle

Congratulations to Larry Zipursky on his selection as a Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Congratulations to Larry Zipursky, on his selection as a Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science!

Larry was honored for “distinguished contributions to the field of developmental neurobiology, particularly for discovering molecular mechanisms underlying the assembly of neural circuits.”

In October 2012, the AAAS Council elected new members as Fellows of AAAS. These individuals will be recognized for their contributions to science and technology at the Fellows Forum to be held on 16 February 2013 during the AAAS Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. The new Fellows will receive a certificate and a blue and gold rosette as a symbol of their distinguished

Reid Johnson publishes in Molecular Microbiology

Reid Johnson publishes "Variation of the folding and dynamics of the Escherichia coli chromosome with growth conditions" in Molecular Microbiology.

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