Pascal Egea awarded the Scholars in Translational Medicine Research Program Award

Congratulations to Pascal Egea, who was awarded the Scholars in Translational Medicine Research Program Award from the UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center. The award enables a select group of world-class researchers to create and conduct research on stem cells that greatly enhances the potential for a break-through discovery.

Siavash Kurdistani publishes in PLoS Genetics

Siavash Kurdistani publishes "Dynamic Distribution of Linker Histone H1.5 in Cellular Differentiation" in PLoS Genetics.

Utpal Banerjee publishes in Genes & Development

Utpal Banerjee publishes "Control of mitochondrial structure and function by the Yorkie/YAP oncogenic pathway" in Genes & Development.

Utpal Banerjee publishes in G3

Utpal Banerjee publishes "Expression profiling of attenuated mitochondrial function identifies retrograde signals in Drosophila" in G3. Abstract

James Wohlschlegel publishes article in Science

James Wohlschlegel publishes "MMS19 assembles iron-sulfur proteins required for DNA metabolism and genomic integrity" in Science.

Congratulations to Alison Frand!

Congratulations to Alison Frand, who as received the Stem Cell and ECM Dynamics in Development Grant worth $150,000 for her research from the American Cancer Society.

Congratulations to Sanjeet Patel and Vincent Pasque!

Congratulations to Sanjeet Patel and Vincent Pasque, for receiving CIRM TG grant, to Amy Pandaya Jones for receiving the NRSA postdoctoral fellowship, and to Giancarlo Bonora for recieving the Whitcome (MBI) grant. All the grant recipients are from Plath Lab.

Gerry Weinmaster publishes two articles in Developmental Cell

Gerry Weinmaster publishes both Notch Ligand Endocytosis Generates Mechanical Pulling Force Dependent on Dynamin, Epsins, and Actin and Optical Tweezers Studies on Notch: Single-Molecluar Interaction Strength Is Independent of Ligand Endocytosis in Developmental Cell with a video abstract.

View the video abstract from the publications links above (on the right side above the figure the tabs toggle between "graphical abstract" and "video abstract" to hear Dr. Weinmaster describe her research.

Feng Guo publishes in Protein Science

Feng Guo publishes "Caspases cleave and inhibit the microRNA processing protein DiGeorge Critical Region 8" in Protein Science. Abstract

Congratulations to this year's Dissertation Year Fellowship Winners

Congratulations to this year's Dissertation Year Fellowship Winners:
Yi Chen (Zipursky Lab)
Garbiela Monsalve (Frand Lab)
Maryam Nafissi (Johnson Lab)
Diego Ploper (De Robertis Lab)
Peggy Vorwald (De Robertis Lab)

From the MBI Program:
Matt Denholtx (Plath Lab)
Ritchie Ho (Plath Lab)
Ben Kuryan (Carey Lab)

From front left: Ritchie Ho (Plath Lab), Gabriela Monsalve (Frand Lab), Maryam Nafissi (Johnson Lab), Peggy Vorwald (De Robertis Lab)
From back left: Diego Ploper (De Robertis Lab), Ben Kuryan (Carey Lab), Yi Chen (Zipursky Lab), and Matt Denholtz (Plath Lab)


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