Web Press Covers Gerry Weinmaster's dual publications

Web Press Covers Gerry Weinmaster's dual publications on Notch Signaling. The Notch signaling system allows cells to directly communicate with each other to program the different cell types in the in the body. Dr. Weinmaster's study about cell-to-cell communication activating Notch signaling was featured by Examiner.com, PhyOrg.com, Science Codex and Physics News.

Siavash Kurdistani publishes in Genome Biology

Siavash Kurdistani publishes "Enhancer dysfunction: how the main regulators of gene expression contribute to cancer" in Genome Biology.

Alison Frand publishes in Science

Alison Frand publishes "MORC Family ATPases Required for Heterochromatin Condensation and Gene Silencing" in Science.

Congratulations to Ritchie Ho and Matt Denholtz, both from Kathrin Plath's Lab, who are the recipients of the Dissertation Year Fellowship Grant.

Congratulations to Kelsey Martin, recipient of the 2012 Society of Postdoctoral Scholars Mentoring Awards

Congratulations to Kelsey Martin, who won one of the three 2012 Society of Postdoctoral Scholars Mentoring Awards. Dr. Martin is the chair of the Department of Biological Chemistry and co-chair of the UCLA MSTP program. Despite her busy schedule, she gives postdocs the freedom and opportunity to develop their own ideas and pursue their own research while providing guidance and support for their projects. Nomination text

Watch here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/postdoctoral-research-awards-2012
at 50:15 Kelsey Martin

Congratulations to two Biological Chemistry postdoctorals!

2012 MBI Postdoctoral Awards Ceremony & Reception. Recipients of the BOYER-PETER, PARVIN, and AMGEN Postdoctoral Awards will be announced at the ceremony and receive their awards from Paul Boyer, Phyllis Parvin (representing the Parvin Foundation) and Randy Hungate (representing Amgen, Inc.).  Research Excellence Awards will be presented to the following postdoctoral fellows by their mentors. Congratulations to two Biological Chemistry postdoctorals who were selected for this competitive reward: Dr. Toh Hean Ch'ng (mentor: Prof. Kelsey Martin) and Dr. Ajay Vashisht (mentor: Prof. James Wohlschlegel). PostdocAwardsPoster2012
Information on the Postdoctoral Recognition Awards: http://www.mbi.ucla.edu/mbi-sponsored/postdoc
See images here: http://www.mbi.ucla.edu/mbi-sponsored/2012-05-09/2012-mbi-postdoctoral-recognition-awards

Congratulations to Toh Hean Ch'ng from Kelsey Martin's lab, who is the recipient of the Pravin Foundation Postdoctoral Award given by the Molecular Biology Institute at UCLA

Reid Johnson publishes article in the Journal of Bacteriology

Reid Johnson publishes "Robust translation of the nucleoid protein Fis requires a remote upstream AU element and is enhanced by RNA secondary structure." in the Journal of Bacteriology.

Pascal Egea publishes article in PLOS One

Pascal Egea publishes "Insights into the Mechanism of Bovine CD38/NAD+Glycohydrolase from the X-Ray Structures of Its Michaelis Complex and Covalently-Trapped Intermediates." in PLOS One.

Michael Grunstein publishes article in Molecular Cell

Michael Grunstein publishes "Histone H3 Lysine 56 Methylation Regulates DNA Replication through Its Interaction with PCNA" in Molecular Cell. Abstract


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