Eryn Lee receives Outstanding Tutor Award

Congratulations to Eryn Ujita Lee, who received the Outstanding Tutor Award in Human Biology and Disease from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. 

Edward de Robertis publishes paper in Current Opinion of Genetics and Development.

Edward de Robertis published "Systems control of BMP morphogen flow in vertebrate embryos" in "Current Opinion of Genetics and Development."

Lenore Arab published "Feasibility testing of an Automated Image-Capture Method to Aid Dietary Recall" in "European Journal of Clinical Nutrition"

Harvey Herschman awarded grant from NIH

Harvey Herschman is awarded a grant titled "Novel Molecular Imaging Approaches to Monitor Gene and Cell-based Therapies" from NHI. The grant is aimed to help develop in vivo molecular and cellular imaging methods and to develop imaging agents allowing identification and and tracking of specific cell populations that arise from stem cells.

Harvey Herschman publishes article in Molecular Imaging and Biology

Harvey Herschman published “A Method to Rapidly and Accurately Compare
the Relative Efficacies of Non-invasive Imaging Reporter Genes in a Mouse Model
and its Application to Luciferase Reporters
” in "Molecular Imaging and Biology".

Kelsey Martin receives Distinguished Investigator Award from NARSAD Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

Congratulations to Kelsey Martin, who received the Distinguished Investigator Award from NARSAD Brain and Behavior Research Foundation for "Localized mRNAs and microRNAs in Healthy and Diseased Neural Circuits". NARSAD's Distinguished Investigator Award Programprovides support for experienced investigators conducting neurobiological and behavioral research. A one-year award of $100,000 is provided for established scientists pursuing innovative projects in diverse areas of neurobiological research.

Lenore Arab publishes article in Journal of Alzheimer's Disease

 Lenore Arab published "Gender Differences in Tea, Coffee, and Cognitive Decline in the Elderly: The Cardiovascular Health Study" in "Journal of Alzheimer's Disease."

Ian Barr awarded an Audree Fowler Fellowships in Protein Science for 2011

Congratulations to Ian Barr (mentor: Feng Guo) who is awarded one of three Audree Fowler Fellowships in Protein Science for 2011. Ian is a fifth year graduate student studying the interaction of BGCR8, a protein involved in the microRNA biogenesis pathway, with the cofactor heme.

Kathrin Plath is awarded $8.46 million for research

Kathrin Plath is awarded a $8.46 million, five year grant by the NIH for "Molecular and Architectural Mechanisms of Reprogramming to Pluripotency". Other members of the grant are Ken Zaret (UPENN), Steve Smale (UCLA, MIMG), Bill Lowry (MCDB UCLA) and Matteo Pellegrini (MCDB UCLA).

Martina DeSalvo is awarded a Philip Whitcome Predoctoral Fellowship

Congratuations to Martina DeSalvo who is awarded a Philip Whitcome Predoctoral Fellowship by the Molecular Biology Institute at UCLA. Awardees receive an annual stipend of up to $21,000, registration fees up to $6000, and $2000 in conference travel support. This fellowship is renewable for up to two years.


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