Meghan McLean and Reid Johnson published "Recombining DNA by Protein Swivels" in "Structure".

Congratulations to the Department of Biological Chemistry 2010-2011 Ph.D. Recipient

Congratulations to the Department of Biological Chemistry 2010-2011 Ph.D. Recipients: Noah Dowell (Johnson lab), Brian Head (van der Bliek lab), John Heiss (Johnson lab), Ho Kim (Zipursky lab), Deborah Leon-Rossell (Loo lab), Mathew McBrian (Kurdistani lab), Meghan McLean (Johnson lab), Eric Pang (Loo lab), Jason Tchieu (Plath lab) and Susan Yee (Zipursky lab). And pre-congrats to Besim Uzgil (Martin lab).



Banerjee and student publishes article in Science

Tina Mukherjee and Utpal Banerjee published "Interaction Between Notch and Hif-alpha in Development and Survival in Drosophila Blood Cells" in "Science"

Kathrin Plath published "Small RNAs Loom Large During Reprogramming" in "Cell Stem Cell"

Kathrin Plath is named to the Board of Directors for the International Society for Stem Cell Research.

Congratulations to Jose Paul Jacob (mentor: Feng Guo) who received the Whitcome Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

Elizabeth Neufeld published " From Serendipity to Therapy" in Annual Reviews of Biochemistry

Kelsey Martin presented a lecture as part of the UCLA Science Faculty Research Colloquium titled "Memories that Last: Genes, Neurons and Synapses"

Eryn Ujita Lee, Ph.D., Biological Chemistry (UCLA) received an Award for Excellence in Education from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Harvey Herschman published article in The Journal of Biological Chemistry

Harvey Herschman published "Differential Effects of Murine and Human Factor X on Adenovirus Transduction via Cell-surface Heparan Sulfate" in "The Journal of Biological Chemistry"


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