Banerjee selected as the 117th Faculty Research Lecturer

Utpal Banerjee is chosen to speak in UCLA's most distinguished lecture series.

Dr. Uptal Banerjee will speak on the topic of "Oncogenes, Metabolism, Development, Cancer and the Little Fruit Fly That Could." on Monday, October 6 at 3pm in Schoenberg Hall, UCLA Schoenberg Music Building. Reception will immediately follow. See attached flyer.

The biannual Faculty Research Lecture series at UCLA presents the work of the university’s most distinguished scholars. Its purpose is to recognize their superb achievements, and give the campus and the greater community an opportunity to gain a new perspective on scholarly achievements and the viewpoints of the faculty honored. View webcasts of past lectures. Click here for a list of all Faculty Research Lecturers since 1925.

Vault nanoparticles show promise for cancer treatment and possible HIV cure

Dr. Leonard Rome and colleagues publish "Bioengineered Vaults: Self-Assembling Protein Shell–Lipophilic Core Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery" in ACSNano.

The paper is the cover story of the August 26th print edition of the ACSNano journal. Their findings could lead to cancer treatments that are more effective with smaller doses and to therapies that could potentially eradicate the HIV virus. Click here to read the full article.

UCLA hosts "Stem Day" to Promote Science Careers For High School Girls

Biological Chemistry graduate student Martina DeSalvo works with the AWiSE program at UCLA to promote science careers for high school girls.

Biological Chemistry graduate student Jen Quick-Cleveland publishes paper in Cell Reports

"The DGCR8 RNA-Binding Heme Domain Recognizes Primary MicroRNAs by Clamping the Hairpin"

Jen Quick-Cleveland from Dr. Feng Guo's lab publishes "The DGCR8 RNA-Binding Heme Domain Recognizes Primary MicroRNAs by Clamping the Hairpin" in Cell Reports. The article describes recognition of microRNA primary transcripts (pri-miRNAs) by the processing machinery is essential for production and biological functions of canonical microRNAs, for evolution of new microRNA genes, and for RNAi applications based on artificial pri-miRNAs. The Guo lab reports that a previously unsuspected heme-binding domain specifically targets key structural features of a pri-miRNA located at both ends of the hairpin helix. Their study demonstrates how extensive pri-miRNA features may be recognized by processing proteins along with a universal biological cofactor.
(From left to right: Sara Weiz, Grant Shoffner, Dr. Feng Guo, Jena Quick-Cleveland, and Jose Jacob)

Pascal Egea named the Alexander and Renee Kolin Endowed Chair

Dr. Pascal Egea has been named to the Alexander and Renee Kolin Endowed Professorship of Molecular Biology and Biophysics Term Chair for five years. This endowed chair is funded by Alexander and Renee Kolin to junior faculty to support career development of a molecular biologist with appointment in the College of Letter and Sciences or the School of Medicine. Pascal’s research focuses on membrane protein structure, targeting, and assembly.

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Celebration for the Ph.D. recipients in Biological Chemistry Labs

Come celebrate the end of the academic year and Honor the 2013-2014 Ph.D. recipients in Biological Chemistry Labs!

When: Wednesday, June 4, 2014, BC Office Lobby @ 2:30pm

Congratulations to Dr. Mike Carey! He received his NIH grant renewal for the project titled " interplay between chromatin and co-activator complexes" from 5/1/14 – 1/31/18.

2014 MBI Postdoctoral Awards Ceremony and Reception

The 2014 MBI Postdoctoral Awards Ceremony and Reception will be held on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 from 3:00 - 4:30 PM in 159 Boyer Hall. Reservations are not required. For further information: 310-825-1018

The Research Excellence Awards will be presented to the following Postdoctoral Fellows by their mentors:

Dr. Ian Blaby Mentor: Prof. Sabeeha Merchant
Dr. Justin Drake Mentor: Prof. Owen Witte
Dr. Peng Ge Mentor: Prof. Hong Zhou
Dr. Lin Jiang Mentor: Prof. David Eisenberg
Dr. Gonzalo Jimenez-Oses Mentor: Prof. Kendall Houk
Dr. Tyler Korman Mentor: Prof. Jim Bowie
Dr. Matt Pecot Mentor: Prof. Lawrence Zipurksy

Leonard Rome quoted in major article

Nanovaults Used to Prod Immune System to Fight Cancer -
The discovery of a new way to wake up the immune system using nanoparticle vaults was covered May 3 by, and Genetic Engineering News; May 4 by Drug Discovery & Development, FierceDrug, and; and May 5 by Ivanhoe News and the New Haven Independent. Leonard Rome was quoted.

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block led a delegation to the White House

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block led a delegation to the White House for President Obama's announcement of a new federal effort to fund research to better understand the function of the human brain. Professor Kelsey Martin, chair of the Department of Biological Chemistry also attended as an invited guest for the President's introduction of the BRAIN Initiative. UCLA Newsroom - Chancellor Leads UCLA to White House for BRAIN Announcement



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