The School of Medicine appoints Elizabeth F. Neufeld to Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

The School of Medicine is proud to appoint Elizabeth F. Neufeld, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Biological Chemistry, to the position of Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs.  In this role, Dr. Neufeld will make recommendations on appointments and promotions of all basic scientists in our School. Dr. Neufeld is a world-famous geneticist and a world expert in the causes and treatment of mucopolysaccharide storage diseases. She has served as Chief of the Section of Human Biochemical Genetics and of the Genetics and Biochemistry Branch of the NIH as well as Chair of the Department of Biological Chemistry here at UCLA. Dr. Neufeld has received many countless honors, including the National Medal of Science and the Wolf Prize. In her new role as Assistant Dean, Dr. Neufeld succeeds Dr. Irving Zabin, who is retiring on April 1, 2012 after 62 years at UCLA.

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