Congratulations to two Biological Chemistry postdoctorals!

2012 MBI Postdoctoral Awards Ceremony & Reception. Recipients of the BOYER-PETER, PARVIN, and AMGEN Postdoctoral Awards will be announced at the ceremony and receive their awards from Paul Boyer, Phyllis Parvin (representing the Parvin Foundation) and Randy Hungate (representing Amgen, Inc.).¬†¬†Research Excellence Awards will be presented to the following postdoctoral fellows by their mentors. Congratulations to two Biological Chemistry postdoctorals who were selected for this competitive reward: Dr. Toh Hean Ch’ng (mentor: Prof. Kelsey Martin) and Dr. Ajay Vashisht (mentor: Prof. James Wohlschlegel). PostdocAwardsPoster2012
Information on the Postdoctoral Recognition Awards:
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