Kelsey Martin selected as a Presidential Special Lecturer

The Society for Neuroscience is the world’s largest organization of scientists and physicians devoted to understanding the brain and nervous system. The nonprofit organization, founded in 1969, now has nearly 40,000 members in more than 90 countries and 130 chapters worldwide.

Kelsey will give her talk on “The Living Record of Memory: Genes, Neurons, and Synapses” on November 15, 2014. 

Memory requires stimulus-induced changes in gene expression, which in turn, alters synaptic connectivity and wiring in the brain. In this way, experience combines with our genome to determine who we are as individuals. This talk describes efforts to understand how experience regulates gene expression within neurons, how stimulus-induced signals are transported from distal synapses to the nucleus to alter gene expression, and how gene expression is spatially restricted to specific subcellular compartments.

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