Congratulations Dr. Grunstein!

Michael Grunstein has been awarded the 2016 Gruber Prize in Genetics. He will share the prize with David Allis of the Rockefeller University for pioneering work “in identifying and describing how histone modifications and chromatin structure affect gene regulation. Their groundbreaking discoveries not only revolutionized our understanding of molecular biology, but also were instrumental in launching the modern study of histones in epigenetics, with broad implications for human health and disease.”


This is a tremendous honor and an incredible recognition of the impact of Michael’s work on the field of epigenetics. Michael now joins a list of illustrious scientists who have received the prize including Doudna, Charpentier , Fink, Blackburn and Robert Horvitz (for a full list, please visit Please join us in congratulating Michael for deservedly receiving this extraordinary award.


The press release by the Gruber Foundation can be found at According to the website the “Genetics Prize is presented to a leading scientist, or up to three, in recognition of groundbreaking contributions to any realm of genetics research … Beginning in 2001, the Prize – a gold medal and unrestricted $500,000 cash award – has been awarded for fundamental insights in the field of genetics. These may include original discoveries in genetic function, regulation, transmission, and variation, as well as in genomic organization.”


Congratulations Michael!!


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