UCLA Career Hub

UCLA Career Hub advertises weekly seminars on both academic and non-academic career preparation co-sponsored by the graduate division and other UCLA entities. These seminars are targeted exclusively to PhD students and postdocs. This is an immensely important resource for your career development. Take advantage of these opportunities now before it is too late. 

Please visit http://grad.ucla.edu/careerhub/ and browse the upcoming opportunities or better yet, subscribe to the blog at the bottom of the Career Hub page, which will send you regular emails advertising each opportunity. For sure, paste the link into your bookmarks.


CEILS offers a number of training and practical opportunities to learn how to employ modern college teaching methods. Many of these are through UCLA’s membership in a national organization termed the CIRTL network, which teaches you how to teach and offers certificates of completion that can be listed on your CV when you apply for jobs. If you plan on an academic career, please consider taking the CIRTL online courses and participating in UCLA’s onsite CIRTL meetings. Please visit https://ceils.ucla.edu/

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