BSRB/COVID-19 Links and Info

Reserve Equipment/Facility

Go to the first link to access your admin profile, then once you set up new users you can send them their login information and the second hyperlink.

  • For admins:
  • For users:

Quick Guide:

  • To create/edit Users:
  • As admin, you can create an unlimited number of new users under the “People” tab in the top panel. Click-> “People” -> “Users”-> “Add new”. Under “Account Code 1”, select project code 1 for setup.
  • To create/edit Instruments & Rules:
  • As admin you can add instruments/resources (from under the “Core Setup” tab on the top panel) and set various booking rules as well.
  • To create/edit schedules:
  • Create schedules for any user by using either the online calendar display (Calendar Tab), or by using the options under the “Schedules” tab on the top panel
  • To create/edit cyclic unavailability or maintenance time:
  • Admins can add/edit/delete recurring periods of maintenance/unavailability for a specific resource by going to the “Weekly availability” option under the “Core Setup” in the top panel.

Reserve BCIF

  • Please log into the BCIF profile via to schedule.
    • Username:
    • Password: BCIF344C
  • Under the options section at the bottom right, select “Settings and sharing”, then scroll down to the “Share with specific people” section to add your own Gmail address in so you can view the calendar through your own Gmail account. Please feel free to email me if you need any assistance adding the BCIF calendar to your own google account.

Reserve BSRB 383 Conference Room

For people with disability, vulnerable individuals, and those working after 5 pm or on weekends, you may reserve the conference rooms for eating in isolation (people who quarantine together may use the same conference room). Please limit the reservations to 20 minutes per meal and clean your meal area after you are done.


Ramp-Up Reporting Form