Fluorescent Microscope Facility

The departmental fluorescent microscope facility has three research microscopes.

The first microscope is for conventional light microscopy. The microscope is a Zeiss Axiovert 200m with a Coolsnap HQ CCD camera controlled by software from Zeiss and from Intelligent Imaging Innovations. It is equipped for standard epi-fluorescence and for DIC. Filtersets are available for a range of fluorophores, such as DAPI, FITC, TRITC, Cy5, GFP, CFP and YFP. It has a built in stepper motor for Z stacks and software for deconvolution (Zeiss Axiovision or Intelligent Imaging software). It also has a motorized stage (X-Y) for automated microscopy.

The second microscope is for scanning confocal microscopy. It consists of a Zeiss Pascal on a Zeiss Axiovert 200m stand. In addition, this microscope is equipped for DIC and it has a transmitted light camera designed to take images in register with the confocal images.

The third microscope is for low light and high speed confocal microscopy. It has a Yokagawa CSU-22 spinning disc confocal scanner and a Hamamatsu C9100-13 EMCCD camera mounted on a Zeiss Axiovert 200m stand. Light is provided by an optic bench with five lasers controlled by an AOTF. This microscope is also equipped with a dye tunable UV laser and a point scanner for photo-activation of fluorescent proteins. In addition it has chamber for temperature control and CO2 incubations. This setup was built by Intelligent Imaging Innovations.

The facility is open to members of the department only. Users must schedule time to use the equipment on the sign-up sheet attached to the door. All users must be trained and pass a short test before they are allowed access to the facility. Please contact Qinfang Shen (QShen@mednet.ucla.edu), Lydia Daboussi (daboussi@gmail.com) or Toh Hean Chng (TChng@mednet.ucla.edu) for training.

Location: 345E BSRB