Proteomics Center and Mass Spectromentry Laboratory

The UCLA Molecular Instrumentation Center (MIC) is a state-of-the-art campus-wide facility dedicated to enabling the use of modern instrumentation in molecular characterizations.  Two divisions of the MIC include the W. M. Keck Proteomics Center and the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, which contain a variety of mass spectrometers to characterize a wide range of samples.  In addition, the Proteomics Center contains all the equipment necessary for running 1-D and 2-D gels, transferring mini and mid-size gels, gel imaging, 1-D and 2-D gel analysis, spot cutting, in-gel digestion, protein/peptide identification, and bioinformatic resources for data analysis of large complex proteomics studies. Experienced Ph.D.-level personnel provide expert guidance in sample preparation, experimental design, training on how to run the instruments, bioinformatics support, and will run samples for service. These facilities are open to all members of the UCLA research community. For a more complete description of our services and instrumentation, please visit our websites-MIC, W. M. Keck Proteomics Center, and Mass Spectrometry Laboratory.


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